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GEOCON Professional Services client sector includes retail clients, commercial and industrial clients, municipal, educational, and transportation clients. Providing our services to clients across a wide range of public and private sectors gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to draw on innovations and cutting edge technologies from one area and apply these systems and methods to other sectors. Integration and harmony among these sectors is increased with our knowledge base, adding additional value to our clients’ projects.

Retail and Commercial

We put all our service lines to work for you, so you can maximize your investment, and get on with running your business.


Making a difference on a large scale by making a large difference on every project is our commitment.


Our infrastructure is vital and requires expert care. Put your trust in GEOCON, we live where you live, sharing our communities.


We take pride in increasing the value of education in our communities through the services we provide.


We dedicate our professional team to your project. Together we make it move on the path to success.

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